GAARA's Concert Hall:

电音的唱腔Rap+Jazz Hiphop混音版,个人较喜欢间奏的旋律.

I dont wanna know your name,I just want you girl
Your colours are so vibrant in my world
Just a chance for unity,Ill make you see
We can paint the future love, just trust me

Verse One: 
Just another altercation
The one you call love isnt that amazin
You came to the spot with him
All because he said he got change in em
No im not tryna break you up
Just wanna give you what
Seem to be the cure, your tone is so pure
Feel for the real i will give you no lies
You were down from the beginnin with that look in your eyes
Hey love

Verse Two: 
Grippin tears drippin from things that you went through
Showin me your colours hue pepperly mint blue
Take to the stars these bars will illastrate
Whats goin on in your mood ring paint
Dont be trippin bout the beyonds
Just glow like a neon
SupaNova zion
This is were you belong
Time wont last forever, for now we have each other
Luna love show me your colours

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